Sep. 1st, 2015 08:48 am
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ALICE LONGBOTTOM works all hours over the next two years to form a representative government of Albion, and once it is formed, promptly recuses herself from ever serving as its head of state. She works behind-scenes to lobby for sentient non-human rights, and maintains close relationships with many public figures, but otherwise withdraws almost entirely from public life. She is notorious for refusing interviews from the press and biographers (except to Charlie Weasley, with whom she keeps up regular correspondence, and Draco, whose project she fully endorses).

Moddey Dhoo is converted into an elementary school with an emphasis on educating muggleborn witches and wizards and their non-magical siblings, and she and Frank spend their summers, weekends, and Wednesday evenings together there. Once Arabella and Victor retire, she takes over the day-to-day operations of the school. She and Frank keep regular tabs on the former children of Moddey Dhoo, many of whom have children of their own who go to Moddey Dhoo. Many of the former staff (and some former students) work there, and they are all quite close-knit (and fiercely protective of Alice's privacy). She maintains a close friendship with Molly Weasley and William Davidson, and their home at Moddey is welcome to anyone at the Order -- she has tea often with Jeremy Stretton. She misses Evelyn and looks forward to her letters, worries a great deal about Terry, and tries her best to be a good mum to Kevin, who thrives at Hogwarts. She's surprised and grateful when Terry finally settles down, and adores her two grandchildren.
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Loves, due to a sudden security issue that's come up, Seamus Finnigan needs to come to Hogwarts.

I think a little distance over the weekend would be a good thing for all of us, so my thought is we could spend the weekend in Moddey. I can pack Kev's things.

Evie, dear, do you have any work that needs doing on Sunday? Would spending tonight and tomorrow night there throw a wrench in things? Terry, darling, would that arrangement work for you? Can the twins let you go for a day or so?

I know it's awfully last minute, but I think it would be best.


Aug. 11th, 2015 07:46 pm
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In any time of transition, there are growing pains. There are steps taken forward, and difficult and painful pushes back. It seems as though we've been in a stand-off since we took the castle after the Battle, but lately, there have been several important gains accompanied by devastating losses.

We mourn the many deaths Crouch left in his wake. We continue to work on a solution that will bring our Ginny back, safe and sound. We are sorting how best to take New London with minimal bloodshed. Every day, we work to govern, establish our authority, open our borders, and to create a new future where all of us can live and work together. We thread a fine needle in the present hour -- to attempt to create and model a just society at a time of war, when we must engage in actions of violence. It is an impossible task, and we will not be entirely successful, but we must continue to strive for it as best as we can.

We face our enemies as we head into this final push -- some, our former friends and family -- but we cannot lose sight of who they are and what they represent.

I believe that civil war is the most painful sort of war there is. To fight against one's own people, one's own family, is a deeply scarring thing, and it will take us many generations to overcome this schism and fully heal.

If we are to move forward, here are some things that I am absolutely certain will have to happen. We must be prepared to compromise at times, and sacrifice an absolute justice to achieve peace and bring our fractured society together again. We must be prepared to forgive despite the fact that it will sometimes be a bitter potion to swallow.

Lastly, we must not give our enemies ground in these final stages.

I will say this bluntly. Antonin Dolohov is our enemy. He has been many things to many of you in the past -- a friend, a mentor, a person who at times protected you from harm, but he has made his choice and position clear. My daughter Evelyn's intent was at its heart a decent one -- but her methods opened up a door that could have proven to be a catastrophic security risk.

Communication with anyone currently in New London -- including Ginny and other former schoolmates -- as well as someone who is in possible contact with those in New London, such as Mr and Mrs Malfoy and Padma Patil -- must be cleared through our security team first, with an aim towards ensuring that there is no security risk involved. And should there be, the team may require you to modify your message or may ask you to not communicate until an immediate danger has passed. I am not telling you that contact is forbidden -- we've been through the nightmare of a restrictive society and the harms that can do -- but this is a time of active war, and even a message one believes is innocuous or innocent may ultimately be a weapon in the hands of our enemies. I will hold myself to these standards as well, and we will disseminate these requirements to non-Order members within the castle also.

(Molly, love, thank you endlessly for anticipating me, and running your message to Ginny by Rachel first. Our hearts go out to you today.)

Needless to say, our Auror team has and will continue to communicate with our enemy. They are trained and supervised, they are directly able to inform one another about security risks that may emerge, and their communication is deliberate and to a specific end. I hope we can all recognise the distinction.

We must practice care and common sense, and realise that there is quite a ways yet before we are out of these woods.
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Does the basket pass security checks?

I suppose an attempt to poison me would be rather painfully obvious, but still.



Jul. 28th, 2015 06:27 pm
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I have some rather good news.

As of August 1st, the Magical government of France has agreed to formally recognise Albion as the official government of the United Kingdom. We’ve also hammered out a formal trade agreement after many long hours of negotiation. Our next step is to appeal to the International Confederation of Wizards, and to send a delegation to speak directly with the Muggle government of France and the United Nations, which will no doubt be another lengthy process indeed, but will be a necessary step in our reintroduction to both the magical and non-magical international community at large -- and what a relief to be able to make some initial forays before the wards come down. France's formal recognition help greatly with our appeal to the ICW (and it doesn't hurt that the current Mugwump is French, either)Regardless, we can now expect a far more free-flowing exchange of medical supplies, food, and other necessities. We'll be coordinating with the Communications committee for full coverage in the newspapers and radio.

It has been a lengthy, often frustrating process – Mr Foote, MP Birdwhistle, Cedric, and Stebs deserve a rather large round of congratulations for their tireless efforts.
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We need a viable strategy for taking New London definitively.

We’re chipping away, but at this rate, it will take years, and they’ll only become further entrenched.

The general populace is slow to warm to us as we’re former ‘traitors’ asking for a great deal of change, and in very short order we will need to move our non-magical population into integrated communities without leaving them completely bloody defenceless. We need time without constant fear of attack.

Yes. We’ve just lost one of our own to the enemy, which is devastating and heartbreaking, but Merlin above, Brighton was a blow that cannot be repeated, and we will not be able to move forward if we spend all our time focusing on how to respond to the capture of one person. I hate that Ginny is in their hands, but the best possible way we can move forward is to hit them hard and finish this.


An all-out attack would be costly – and they could scatter and regroup – but we can muster significant numbers if need be. Would this be a viable approach? Are they too deeply buried in Buckingham? Can we bomb the hell out of them, or put a null zone around them? Can we cut them off from the rest of New London, or pull them out into a fight? Use their tactics from Dover and clear a perimeter around their headquarters, pin them down with anti-apparation wards?

Rachel, what could you do with a hundred wands? Between the fighters Frank’s trained in the free zones and Sherwood’s remaining members, you’d have a fairly disciplined group – and we could double or possibly triple that number with less experienced fighters if we send out the call.
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Bill --

I realise you and your family are reeling at the moment -- but there is an immediate security concern.

Ginny has her journal, and may be forced to reveal the existence of the lock and read the Order entries.

What do we need to do to bar her access?


I am loathe to say it, but would removing her from the Order membership accomplish this?

It would be for security purposes only, of course
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Cedric, love, I'll be down to Dover tomorrow. I'm sorry for leaving you high and dry for the past week, but we've been burning the candles at Hogwarts to try and sort out how to handle New London and the wards, and it ended up being far more involving than anticipated.

As a result of our conference, I'll come with a rather lengthy list of topics to discuss with our counterparts in Calais, and a few key letters to send off to our contacts in France and elsewhere -- the economic siege is draining the resources of our enemies, but at this rate, it's taking far too long -- they have deeper pockets than anticipated, and we must shift strategies.

I know from your owls that you've been holding Chirac's people at bay, and that the Supreme Mugwump Courtemanche has been demanding as of late as well -- I can help smooth ruffled feathers tomorrow. Merlin knows, the Statute issues pose a rather enormous headache for all parties, but we've rather more immediate concerns at the moment, and, to be honest, the Mugwump could make this a great deal easier than he has been instead of depending on us to lead the way. I'm just glad he hasn't thrown too many bludgers onto the pitch.

I shall be there tomorrow, bearing an assortment of your favourite baked goods courtesy of the Hogwarts House Elves.

Thank you for your continued efforts. They are so deeply appreciated, dearest.
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Why must we always be the ones who are reasonable? The ones who compromise? The ones who have the basic fucking decency to return the dead to their families? Is the reason why they don't give us a single goddamn quarter because we're winning and they're desperate? Or is it because we're just that gullible?

Lucinda is an utter wreck. She kept saying over and over again that she'd thought the worst of it was over, that people'd been back and forth to the Ministry a dozen times without running into resistance, that she just didn't understand how he could've been killed doing such a simple task, and her rage could light a dozen fires.

She's far from the only one.

I am tired, and my heart aches, and I cannot

What we're building has to be based on principles of justice, not revenge.

I know that.

I also know that we can't have our fullest measure of justice, not if we want to move forward.

Merlin knows we can't lock up half the wizards in England.

I am just beyond furious that we must fight as fairly as we can and still work uphill against slander after slander, when they can go blithely skipping about murdering innocent people for public relations purposes, and that our mercy can be requested and assumed when our Lucinda had no body to bury, and you need to talk to Rachel about what we're going to do regarding Seamus fucking Finnigan, because I really cannot be objective right now, apparently.


May. 24th, 2015 12:19 pm
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Today is a hard day.

The deaths of Daphne, Harry, Neville, Kingsley, Albus, and Severus are each overwhelming in their own right -- and so many of us who were attending or worked at Hogwarts are mourning schoolmates, Housemates, friends, and family.

I hope everyone takes this time to celebrate, to tell stories that make us laugh as well as cry, and to rest and regroup for the hard work ahead.

Albus Dumbledore was a brilliant wizard, and a paradox til the end -- he was fiercely independent, and yet he was the one who brought the first of us together to form the Order and gave us purpose and direction. He was a true master of magic, and yet, one of the most tactically advantageous spells he gave us removed magic from the equation. Albus educated multiple generations of wizarding Britain, and although he never entirely recovered from the losses and disappointments of the first war, gave everything he could to the people of this country. He left a letter -- I have an excerpt here I'd like to copy out.

"To the others in the Order, I think I wish to say this: that this work we have done has taken everyone, every set of skills we have, and then some. That if there is glory, it is in people learning and sharing and risking for something greater than themselves, and if there is honour, it is in doing the right thing for the people who could not risk fighting. And that we can, must, will do better in future, to welcome all those of good will.

You all will have a long road ahead of you, to make something new, but I have hope, as I have not had since the beginnings of the first war, that you will not only succeed but thrive.

I leave you shortbread and lemon sherberts. Pass them around in memory of me, when you have a chance."

Kingsley was a fellow soldier, a dear friend, and a lovely man. He trained as an Auror, and from the start, I knew him as a decent, caring person who'd go out of his way to protect those who needed it most. He was a magnificent fighter and singer both, and after the Ministry fell, he toured the country with his band of Players, collecting intelligence, and giving the gift of joy and laughter to countless children, keeping all our spirits full of hope. In the letter he left me, his final wish was to be buried at Moddey Dhoo, and that one of the children there would have use of his wand.

Severus was also a dear friend. He would want me to avoid any extensive eulogising on his behalf. It will have to be enough to say that he will be missed, and remembered. In his own words, from his letter:

"To the Order of the Phoenix: If I am to have one final wish, it is this: do not stop fighting until we have won, thoroughly and decisively. Do not plant a tree for me; plant a potions garden, and use its bounty well."

Daphne, Harry, and Neville.

I fear I will not be up to the task.

Nevertheless. All three of these brilliant and brave people faced their fates with their eyes open -- acts of incredible self-sacrifice for the good of all of us, in ways that will forever challenge us all to be worthy of those sacrifices. I take a certain degree of comfort in the thought that all three of them played a part in Voldemort's ultimate and final destruction.

I also take small comfort that my son, my sweet baby boy, is now free and at rest. Beyond that, I find myself utterly inadequate at finding the right words to express how very deeply he will be missed.

Be good to one another today.


May. 23rd, 2015 12:35 pm
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Good news to start the weekend -- I just received an owl from Lionel Moon, who confirmed that the Board of Governors had an emergency meeting yesterday, and after 'much deliberation,' kicked Bellatrix off in abstentia, removed Dolohov from position as Headmaster, and instated Septima Vector.

I know we have rather substantial work to dismantle the personal warding system Dolohov put in place in his offices, but this should help matters a great deal, and is a rather good sign, all told.
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Cedric, love, I’m arriving at Dover with Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy within the hour. Thank you for working to make arrangements in Calais. The Vow has been successfully administered, and they've had the morning to get their things in order, so I'm not anticipating any problems on our end of things.


May. 21st, 2015 09:45 am
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I've been looking at the scope and scale of what we're trying to do, and over and over again it comes down to funding.

The Goblins were cagey regarding our ability to access Ministry funds, and turned Bill's proposal down. They weren't exactly definitive, but we have no idea how long it may take for things to work in our favour, or, indeed, if that will ever happen short of a complete and final victory, and Merlin knows what that will look like or how long it will take.

We need to be able to pay people we hope to keep employed, and need to employ a great many. We need to be able to spend money to rebuild. We need to purchase supplies and materials. Short of devolving into a bartering society, we'll need to keep money in circulation and make sure it still means something. Without it, we have no legitimacy and no staying power. As long as our enemies have access to more resources than we do, our authority is suspect, and they will be able to keep holding on.

We have the seized goods in Dover that have been selling on the black market, and presumably a certain degree of cash flow from business profits and donations, but it is not enough, nor is it something we can be able to depend upon, and we must consider other sources of revenue.

Any thoughts on this would be well worth hearing.
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I need to take an hour or two of not thinking. Quite badly.

And I'd like to spend it with you. Please?


May. 18th, 2015 10:41 pm
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I know all of you are exhausted, and heart-weary. Please be good to one another in the coming days. Sleep if you can. Don't forget to eat. We'll see what we can do to have a small memorial of sorts over the weekend, barring any new chaos that may come our way.

There are still a significant number of people out there who will try their best to interfere with what we have planned, and I've no doubt they will fight us every step of the way. Be prepared to mobilize should we need it -- the ongoing threat our remaining enemies pose to us is a top priority.

Remus and I have been talking, and for the time being, Hogwarts seems the most obvious place to use as a seat for our transitional government. It is defendable, and yet still accessible for those who will need to come to treat with us. We will continue our attempts to move the Board to sack Dolohov, and make the castle as secure as possible. Are there any objections? Might we move the colocation box to a more convenient location while we're at it? I've no objections to the students and staff who are currently here staying as long as they chose, and we can anticipate moving to a more permanent location once things settle, optimistically, well before the term would begin.

Thank you all of you who've been helping to track down the last of the missing students, and for everyone who has been helping to escort parents.

Some specifics we identified for tomorrow (or, rather, later today -- it is late) follow below, and I'm sure we're missing things -- feel free to add to our ever-growing list.


May. 17th, 2015 12:52 am
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Those of you on the first and second floors -- gather by the Library.

We are gaining ground there.


May. 16th, 2015 08:27 pm
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Anyone still in the Forest: Retreat.

The Forbidden Forest is now off-limits.

Fall back to staging area. Now.


May. 16th, 2015 04:11 am
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bringing Frank to you Poppy

check in.

Evie? Terry? check in.


May. 15th, 2015 07:39 pm
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To the one who now calls himself Harry Potter:

You belong to me, and always have. This has always been your purpose. This has always been your destiny. Accept it - embrace it.

Come to me and you need never know pain or fear again. Come to me willingly, and you can end this pointless conflict now and forever. Come to me before midnight in two days' time, and no one else need die because of your cowardice. Submit to my will, and understand. It's time, Harry.

Your schoolmates' lives depend on you obeying my command.

Sally-Anne, Pansy, Ron, Justin, Hydra, Susan, Ginny, Luna, Katrina, and Artie; we are closely monitoring your situation, and are gathering as many resources we have to ensure that you and your classmates will come out of this alive.

I'm avoiding passing along specifics as long as Bellatrix is around. The last thing you need is extra attention.

Hold fast until tomorrow, if you can.

If you cannot, we will move when needed.

Keep faith.
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Severus asked after the research subjects, and one has Neville's description.

He's also been given a meeting time and place.

His advice is to wait.

And I know he's right, but every bone in my body is

I might need something a touch heavier than a spot of tea.
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